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1865 New York State Census

As one of its many service projects, WNYGS organized the preparation of an amended index of the 1865 New York State Census for Erie County.  Many dedicated volunteers worked on this project over a number of years. While originally collected and documented on index cards, the society later created a digital version that now resides here for genealogical researchers.

It is important to note that while planning and researching this project several existing printed and online indexes for Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Niagara Counties were identified; those resources appear below.  At the time of the project, no censuses were available for Genesee or Wyoming Counties.


1865 Census Index of Allegany County, New York by Mrs. Charles Burton 


Town and County index files (html and .doc formats) available for view and download online at



Selected Information from the 1865 New York State Census for the County of Chautauqua by Lois and Norwood Barris (2 volumes) 



Not available.



Index 1865 N.Y. State Census Niagara County by the Niagara County Historian  


Surname and Town indexes available for viewing online at



Not available.

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