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Bible & Marriage Records

In its continuing work to make unique genealogical information available, the society has been collecting, processing, and indexing member-submitted bible and marriage records. The master index and any materials received are maintained as part of the June P. Zintz Memorial Library Collection.  Additionally, submission updates (with any related surname and locality information) are published in the society's quarterly, the Western New York Genealogist, as they are received. 

image of large Bible on stand
Copy Requests

Those seeking copies of collection submissions can email their requests to  Please include the surname and the referenced volume and issue numbers.  The cost is $1.00 per page that may be paid by PayPal (link will be emailed) or by check.  All checks (made payable to "WNYGS") should be mailed to: WNYGS Bible & Marriage Records, Attn: Jennifer Liber Raines, 25 Brompton Ct., Orchard Park, NY 14127.

Enhanced Collection Index

Launching in late December 2023.

image of Kittinger Bible with handwritten text
image Kittinger Bible, printed title page in German
image of Kittinger Bible, fragile page of handwritten family birth records
Featured Project

Kittinger Family Bible

Project Type(s):

Scanning and Placement

Physical Description:

Bound and mahoghany-boxed Christoph Saur Bible (1776)


Genealogical Content:

  • Handwritten history of the Kittinger family from 1753 to 1880 in English.

  • Leaves in front of the New Testament include fragmentary bible record entries from 1753(?) to 1799 in German.


Erie and Niagara Counties


Buffalo & Erie County Public Library - Grosvenor Room, Rare Books


Individuals are encouraged to submit bible and marriage records for inclusion in the collection. Once reviewed and approved, the information becomes a resource for researchers today and in the future.


Required Components

  • Copy of the record

–  High-quality print or photocopy of the image or high-quality scan of the original record

–  Where applicable, please include a copy of the title page from the published bible.


  • Transcription of the original text found in the record 


  • Name and location of current recordholder


  • Submitter's name and contact information


  • Transcriber’s name and contact information


  • Any relevant background information on the record or family.  


General Instructions

  • Copy or scan your record in color (preferred) or greyscale. Please make sure the image is as clear and legible as possible.

  • Prepare the transcription of your record as per the instructions below.

  • For all your submissions, please remember to have space along the margins to allow for binding.  [Ideally, include a margin of at least 1.25” on the left and at least 0.5” on the other three sides.   The larger margin area should appear on the longest side.]

  • Print the image of your record in color (preferred) or greyscale.

  • Print any supporting information about the record in black ink only.

  • All submissions should be copied or printed onto high-quality 8.5 x 11” paper - preferably, acid-free.


Transcription Instructions


Accurate transcriptions are key for collection processing and patron use.  In most instances, the spellings of the names found in your records will be more familiar to you than to those who will be reviewing them. Please transcribe the records using the following format:


  • Title

–  Assign the record a clear and specific title.
–  Examples: “John Smith Family Bible Record” or “Smith – Jones Family Bible Record”; “John Smith and Mary Jones Marriage Record”

  • Owner and Copyist

–  Provide the name and address of the present owner of the record (if known).
–  Provide the name and address of the copyist and the date copied.
–  Note whether your copy was made from the original record or a copy.
–  If your record is a copy of a copy, state when and by whom the earlier copy was made (if known), and where you found this copy.

  • Description of the Record

–  Describe whether the record is from a bible, personal papers, etc. and fully describe the original source.
–  For a published bible, please remember to provide a copy of the title page (includes such information as the title of bible edition, printer or publisher and address, and date of publication).

–  Please include any handwritten or printed notes regarding the book owner’s name, gift inscriptions, or other identifying information written on covers, title page or elsewhere within the volume.

–  Book measurements can be included, but are not essential.


  • Family Information

–  If known, provide background information on the owner(s) of the record, including family origin and relationships, places of residence, and any other helpful information (i.e. civic, military or professional service, burial place, etc.).


  • Record Transcription

–  Copy the entries exactly as they appear in the original, letter-by-letter, even though you may know that some errors exist. Copy exact wording, spelling, punctuation, etc. Do not abbreviate or use ditto marks unless the original record does so.
–  Preserve the original order and arrangement of the entries as closely as possible. If a group of entries appears to have been recorded at one time, this fact should be noted. (This may indicate transcription from an earlier record or from memory, therefore allowing greater possibility for errors in prior transcription or recollection).
– If you know certain facts in the record to be in error or missing, make a note accordingly and give the source of the correct information. Also note whether entries are missing (due to a paper loss), difficult to read or illegible, or questionable.
– Enclose all notes, comments, or text not found in the original in square brackets [ ].

Materials may submitted by mail or electronically to:

Jennifer Liber Raines

Preservation Chair

Western New York Genealogical Society

25 Brompton Ct.

Orchard Park, NY 14127

Should you have any questions about this program, the process, or the possible placement of original materials, please email

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