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Past Programs 2019-2021


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2021 Programs

Nov 20, 2021: Annual Meeting & Elections and "Migration Across America"presented by Peggy Lauritzen

Oct 23, 2021:"Faster than the March of Man: Canal Connections in the Nineteenth-Century"presented by Pamela Vittorio  

Sept 18, 2021:"The Third Coast - How the Great Lakes Shaped America"presented by Cari Taplin

Aug 26, 2021: GRIP 2021 - WNYGS Sponsored Webinar: "Ship Manifests: An In-Depth Look" presented by Rich Venezia

May 22, 2021: "Getting Acquainted with the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)"presented by Jeanette Sheliga​  [MA]

Apr 24, 2021: "Trace Your Revolutionary Roots"presented by Bryna O'Sullivan

March 20, 2021: "DNA Testing for Genealogy"

2020 Programs

May 16, 2020:  "Planting a Family Tree Online on MyHeritage"with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage 


May 30, 2020:  "MyHeritage's Unique Technologies to Research Your Family"with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage 


Jun 13, 2020:  "MyHeritage's New Advanced Features and Technologies"with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage 


Jul 30, 2020:  "Families Reunited Thanks to Genetic Genealogy: True Stories"with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage 


Aug 1, 2020:  "PedigreeMap - An Interactive Map of Your Family History"with Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage 


Aug 22, 2020: "Genealogical Lineage Societies"with Jeanette Sheliga


Sept 26, 2020: "Death Is Not The End: An Introduction to New York State Wills, Probate, & Estate"with by Jennifer Liber Raines 


Sept 26, 2020: "Capturing Historical Data: Understanding & Using Transcriptions, Abstracts, and Indexes in Your Research"with by Jennifer Liber Raines  


Oct 24, 2020: "Erie Canal Research"with Pamela J. Vittorio


Nov 21, 2020: Annual Business Meeting & Elections and "Who was the Spouse of Edward Foster Jr. of Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY?"with Robert Balistreri

2019 Programs

Mar 16, 2019: "Beginning Genealogy" with Rhonda Hoffman


Apr 27, 2019: Field Trip - Rochester Genealogical Society's "Genealogy In Bloom with Katherine R. Willson"


May 4, 2019: "Indirect Evidence to Establish Genealogical Proof" with Melissa A. Johnson, CG


May 18, 2019: "German Genealogy" with Larry Naukam


Jun 20, 2019: "An Evening with Family Tree Maker"


Jun 27, 2019: "A Critical Step in Evaluating Old Documents: Accuracy of Transcriptions" with LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, JD, CG 


Sept 21, 2019: "Researching Genealogy at the New York State Archives" with Archivist Monica Gray 


Oct 5, 2019: "Understanding and Using Western New York Land Records"with Drew Tidwell and Jennifer Liber Raines


Nov 16, 2019: Annual Society Business Meeting and Elections and "How I Found My Birth Family through Records, DNA, and a Bit of Luck" with Denise (Muczenski) Oliansky

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